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Letter: Child who does good treated as if doing bad

Yesterday I walked around our neighborhood block with my husband, my seven-year-old son, and my dog.

My son decided that he wanted to pick up trash. He filled one bag, and was working on a second bag when we turned a corner to head home.

There is a vacant lot with tall grasses that stands between two homes. These grasses catch lots of windblown trash.

My son saw all the papers and bags held there by the grasses, and he ran several feet into the grasses to collect this trash.

Because he was working from one side of the vacant lot to the other, he entered the tall grasses close to the edge of a neighbor's yard.

This neighbor saw him, stood in his open doorway and yelled harshly for him to stop what he was doing and get out of there.

He stayed in his doorway and watched my son run from the grasses to join us several feet down the road. It was intimidating.

My son was scared and upset. This man's tone was so authoritative and harsh. My son was convinced that even his parents were angry at him.

If you look out your window and see a child picking up trash at the edge of your yard, please take the time to tell this child, "Thank you."

Let this child know that he or she is doing a good thing.

Tell this child that you have faith in our future when you see young people doing things like this.