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Letter: Don't let big unions make sheep of you

A letter to the editor in a recent article encourages us to save Wisconsin.

Wisconsin and much of our country are under attack by big labor unions. These unions are corrupting our political system with bribery by contributing millions upon millions of dollars to politicians each year.

Labor unions such as the NEA, AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, AFSCME and others have the ability to spend unlimited funds to promote their union propaganda and change the outcome of elections in their favor.

They take in tons of money from mandated memberships with mandated dues from the very people they are supposed to be representing. Their paying members have little or no vote on how their dues are spent.

Big labor unions, many from out of state, believe they can buy your support and your vote. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka has already pledged $30 million in the recall campaign of Gov. Walker.

If he has that much money, why does he need more of ours? It is, once again, becoming more difficult to tell the difference between organized labor and organized crime in this country.

Please watch for your 2011 property tax statement this December. It may be the only time in your life you will see it go down!

How can anyone sincerely sign a recall petition not knowing who their new candidate will be? Your signature against our present governor is a vote for perpetual and unlimited property tax increases!

This recall is being directed by big labor unions because they stand to lose some of their money, power and control in this country. Their members are only pawns in this game.

Don't become one of their sheep.