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Letter: State recall becomes our Pandora's Box

The solidly funded Recall Walker effort has begun. Our constitutionally elected governor will now have to spend time owed to Wisconsin governance defending his values, actions and policies against people who disagree with him.

We're told that Gov. Walker is anti-education because he's starving the schools, even though throwing more money at schools doesn't guarantee better education. And surprise! According to the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, school districts in Pierce County alone are saving over $2 million dollars this year because of changes in collective bargaining contracts for public employee union members. And the state economy? Wisconsin's bond rating has remained high, while Minnesota's has dropped.

Recent unemployment figures show Pierce and St. Croix counties with rates below 5%. The past summer's recall elections cost Wisconsin state and local governments about $2 million.

The cost of a statewide recall is incalculable. Is it all for the sake of democracy? I wonder.

A few residents might get temporary jobs during the verification of over 540,000 petition signatures. And more out-of-state agitators will likely establish residency in Wisconsin hotels to vote in the recall election. (That happened last April).

Wisconsin's recall law is our Pandora's Box. Now that the key to its weak lock has been picked, the right to recall officials for nothing more than having opposing ideas can be used and used and used by disgruntled minorities with enough money to back them.

Rejoice, Wisconsin. Democracy as we've never known it has arrived.