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Letter: Nothing has really changed, so just vote no three times

Only a few short months ago the River Falls school district electorate voted "No!" to a $39 million referendum.

The majority of voters recognized the outlandish cost and proposed projects simply weren't justifiable.

Since then the school administration claims they have "listened to the voters." This interpreted means they have honed their marketing skills to present basically the same frills-laden referendum, with minor alterations, for a new vote.

The biggest change has the previous referendum now split into three questions.

Each question, however, has lurking concerns that still haven't been addressed.

Question #1 is primarily focused on security and energy upgrades. A school board member publicly stated that energy and security upgrades don't require referendum approval so most of question #1 doesn't actually need to be part of this referendum.

Question #2 is primarily focused on increasing space and modernization. School board members have publicly discussed the fact that district enrollment has been essentially flat for a long time.

Does it make sense to spend millions of dollars to build classrooms and facility additions we don't need?

Question #3 includes a dubious promise related to the historic Academy, in which the board may choose not to demolish the oldest part of the building. This promise is questionable.

One school board member publicly inquired whether leftover funds from the referendum could be used to demolish the historic section of the Academy in the event that a buyer can't be found. The answer was "yes!"

Whether the Academy's historic section ends up being sold, mothballed or torn down, our community will still be short the one gymnasium that is constantly being used. How does the administration plan on replacing that?

Until the administration truly listens to the concerns of the public, please vote 1.No!, 2.No!, 3.No! to the three-part referendum Nov. 8.