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Letter: Look homeward when you shop

I was raised in a small town in Iowa. When I was little, there was a furniture store, a dress shop, a pharmacy, a flower shop, a couple of gift shops, a doctor's office and two grocery stores downtown.

The people would drive into town to shop and everyone seemed to know everybody. Today there are no shops, no grocery stores, no doctor's office. Everyone is shopping online or going to the next really big town to do their shopping. Please don't let this happen to River Falls.

River Falls has some great little shops. If you don't use them, you will lose them.

There are coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores, car repair and dry cleaners. There is even a great gift shop whose sales support those in need in other countries.

How can you top that?

We need to shop local so we can keep the Main Street jobs. If we don't, we will all be driving to the Twin Cities for work and River Falls will become just a sleeper town with no Main Street.

Spend your money in River Falls. Drive into River Falls to do your holiday shopping.

Look here first before going to the big malls. Make a date with your friends for dinner and drinks at one of the local restaurants.

By all means, mail everything from the local River Falls Post Office. We don't want to lose that!

See you downtown.