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Letter: Even high-speed Internet in Troy is government waste

For years there have been stories of federal stimulus money wasted on projects from the east to the west coasts.

Millions of dollars reported to have saved or created jobs that in the final analysis had tremendous costs. None of us likes to see our tax dollars wasted.

When we hear those stories, they're always about someplace far away, these things wouldn't happen here. Or would they?

Town of Troy is just south of Hudson. 2010 census data reports 1,250 homes, a median income of $75,874 dollars; 2.5% of the households consist of a single person over 65; 76.6% of the families are traditional two-parent households; 43.5% of the households have children under 18; 98.25% are white.

In short, this is an affluent community with only 1.9% of the population below the poverty level.

The Town Board wanted everyone to have high-speed Internet access, a laudable goal, but certainly not something most of us would consider government's job -- not local, state or federal government.

Troy did some homework and applied for stimulus dollars for its project and received a $4.5 million grant and a $4.5 million low-interest loan.

While the world goes wireless, Troy paid more than $6,000 per home for high-speed fiber which in the end isn't even high speed. There is a 22-year return on investment with this project and Troy doesn't even retain ownership of the infrastructure.

Whether you're talking the $534 million flushed down the drain with the Solyndra bankruptcy or this $9 million, the government spending your money for the sake of spending money is bad enough.

The government taking out a loan and spending your children's money just to spend money really should get your attention.