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Letter: Campaign literature simply a disgrace

I've been through my share of elections over the years, but this recall election is something else.

I always hold respect for someone who puts their reputation on the line to run for office on either side of the aisle.

What Shelly Moore sent out in the 10th Senate District made me re-evaluate my idealism.

Literature is sometimes distributed to voters and distortions of the truth occur. I realize that is part of some campaign's tactics.

The piece that Shelly Moore sent out, "Senator Harsdorf and Her Party Want to Eliminate Medicare As We Know It," left me speechless.

I expect "far out" in statements from third party groups, but rarely will a campaign outwardly lie.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she lied to the 10th Senate District and to Lyda Haskins who was on the front of the literature with the statement: "Lyda Haskins of River Falls Can't Afford For Medicare to End. CAN YOU?"

Mrs. Haskins had no idea she was going to be used, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentential July 8th Truth Test. Mrs. Haskins stated, "It's laughable that I wouldn't be able to afford it...They should have not have done that."

Senator Harsdorf has worked to solve the problems of Wisconsin. She hasn't rendered an opinion on Medicare reform as far as I know, but she will discuss her responsible decision to give local school boards the tools they needed to balance their budgets.

If Shelly doesn't apologize for this literature, she is not even worthy of being a candidate representing the Democrat Party.

If the Democrat Party does not condemn this lie, then it is not worthy of the respect of our district's citizens.