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Letter: Finally, a Democrat I'll be voting for

I just received some campaign literature from Shelly Moore. She is going to balance the budget fairly by doing something to the "big tax giveaways to large corporations."

I don't think Shelly knows why there are "big tax giveaways to large corporations." She probably doesn't remember how we in St. Croix County rejoiced over the many companies that were enticed to come here from Minnesota.

She is going to protect "our hardworking families." Our hardworking families will not be working at all if these large corporations move out of state or go out of business.

I retired in 2004. My retirement investments, primarily in "large corporations," have not yet returned to the value they were in 2004.

If these large corporations were making even modest profits, my investments should have about doubled. Also during this time, most people working for large corporations had pay freezes or cuts. Is this true for teachers and government workers?

I find it rather interesting that Moore claims that the Republicans are thwarting democracy by having another candidate run against her in a primary.

How is this less democratic than the whole recall effort? How is this any more of a waste of taxpayers' money than the whole recall effort. Whose ox is now being gored?

It has been a long time since I have been able to vote for a Democrat. But now I intend to vote for Issac Weix in the primary.