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Letter: Give like you would for those 'grumpy old men'

We are doing a project called "Refresh the World." Our way of refreshing the world is to give back to our community and help people who need food.

We plan to set up collection boxes for a week at Dick's Fresh Market and EconoFoods. Another idea of ours was to do something similar to the "grumpy old men" who stood outside at Veterans Park around Thanksgiving time and collected food.

We will be collecting food donations as well as money that will all be given to the River Falls Food Pantry. We will be at Veterans Park on Tuesday, May 31, from around 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The only way this project can be a success is to get the word out! We are inviting the citizens of the River Falls community to help us out with our project.

Please donate as you leave the grocery stores or come and visit us at Veterans Park.