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Letter: A fellow can strike it rich fixing bumps

I recently heard that the town of Troy was going to consider spending up to $20,000 to fix a bump inside the entry road to Troy Burne.

Having never seen a $20,000 bump I drove down there. I first securely fastened my seatbelt and even put on a helmet so that I wouldn't hit my head on the roof of the car when I drove over it.

When I got there I couldn't find the bump. Like a whirling dervish I circled around and around trying to find it.

Not being the type to give up easily, I drove to the Outpost at I-94 and Gilbert Road and rented a bumpometer. I drove back to Troy Burne and again circled the area, but the bumpometer registered nothing.

On the way to return it, I tested it on some other Troy town roads. It seemed to work fine even registering a lofty 8.8 on a bump on North Glover Road. I figure that bump will cost at least $200,000 to fix.

Then I took my neighbor, Doug, a 35-year veteran of the construction industry to get his opinion. He even brought a magnifying glass along but could not find the $20,000 bump.

He did find a hole, two inches in diameter and 1/4 inch deep. He estimated 75 cents of hot mix to fill.

News just in: One company has bid $5,000 to fix the bump. Doug and I are going to submit a bid of $4,000 -- 75 cents for material, $4.25 for gas, and $3,995 for profit.