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Letter: Governor is corrupting Wisconsin politics

Scott Walker is proving to be the most divisive Wisconsin governor in my lifetime.

Our state used to have a nationwide reputation for clean government. Every week it seems there is more news about his mischief.

We had the union-busting bill. Then the appointment of Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald's and House leader Jeff Fitzgerald's father to head the State Patrol, while exempting the patrol from the union law.

Then Gov. Walker appointed a favored lobbyist's son, who had multiple DUI's, no college degree and no job experience, to an $81,500-a-year job.

Now he has appointed Renee Miller, who has no experience, bypassing several other more qualified candidates, to be the Register of Deeds in Marinette County. Miller says the job pays about $50,000 a year.

I guess Scott Walker was right when he said the state of Wisconsin is open for business. I used to think Gov. Walker was trying to turn our state into Mississippi. Now I think he's trying to turn it into Illinois.