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Letter: Why must we be torn apart?

This weekend I read Governor Walker's budget repair bill that Senator Sheila Harsdorf strongly supports. In the governor's budget repair bill it declares "the state shall be considered a single employer" (Section 252.111.815 (1).

That statement seems confusing to me because we have city governments and county governments who have been employers that have always shared in the governing process of our state.

I have written to Senator Harsdorf with several questions about Gov. Walker's bill. It is confusing to me that a less-government, Republican governor and Legislature would want to have such total control of our state, our counties, and our towns. Perhaps it is both confusing and worrisome.

Even more worrisome is that Gov. Walker has propelled Wisconsin into a state of conflict that has families, communities, and the entire state arguing. Local, national and even international leaders characterize "Governor Walker's measures as extreme." This statement was made in an AP article by David Brooks, a Republican thinker and writer.

Perhaps we should join the president of the Wisconsin police union and ask Gov. Walker to step back, work with others, and bring us together as a state rather than tearing us apart.