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Letter: Balance budget by closing corporate loopholes

As we read and listen to the spin of those attempting to defend and rationalize Gov. Walker's actions with respect to the state's public unionized workers, what fails to be mentioned is that AFSCME Councils throughout the state have clearly articulated their willingness to make concessions with respect to their pensions and health benefits.

AFSCME's principal and legitimate bone of contention is the governor's unthinkable and resolute determination to rescind public employees' right to collective bargaining.

I suggest that the governor and those who are in his camp do two things:

1. Become students of the Taft-Hartley Labor-Management Relations Act, which in 1947 was enacted and adopted by bipartisan majorities. That statute not only reaffirms, but reinforces the right of working men and women to organize into unions and to engage in collective bargaining with their employer.

2. I urge the governor and his associates in both the Assembly and the Senate to initiate a genuine attempt to level the budget repair playing field by eliminating the blatant discrepancies and entitlement loopholes in Wisconsin's Tax Code that allow

so many of the state's corporations to pay little, if any state income tax.

By doing so, the governor and his colleagues would then authentically demonstrate an unflinching willingness to balance the state's budget in a manner consistent with the principles of associative, commutative and distributive justice.