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Letter: Don't make decisions behind closed doors

If Governor Walker's budget bill passes into law as proposed, many Wisconsinsites could suffer greatly.

I am a volunteer for AARP, which opposes provisions in the budget repair bill that allow significant changes to be made to Medicaid programs such as SeniorCare Rx, FamilyCare, and BadgerCare, without public input or approval from the full state Legislature.

SeniorCare, for example, provides affordable prescription drug coverage for nearly 90,000 older Wisconsinites. Under the budget repair bill, big changes could be made to SeniorCare by government bureaucrats and my voice would never be heard.

The bill gives sweeping authority for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to implement "emergency" rules that would go into effect without a vote from the Legislature. The people we elect to represent us in Madison could have no say in what our state's Medicare programs look like.

We know the state is facing significant budget challenges. But eliminating legislative oversight of important health programs is not the way to save money.

Wisconsin has long been a leader in providing access to health care for all of our residents.

We look forward to working with the governor and state Legislature to ensure our members and all Wisconsinites maintain this access and have an opportunity to voice their opinions.