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Letter: County so loosely spends our money

I took the time Nov. 9 to attend the Pierce County Board's Building Committee meeting. I was surprised and dismayed at the ease and lack of foresight with which this committee dispenses with our shared resources.

During the process of finalizing a project to retrofit the courthouse and county offices with new windows, a $400,000 project which may or may not be necessary, the committee determined that it was a good use of county funds to purchase $30,000 worth of titanium window treatments that is supposed to "eliminate" the need for washing these new windows.

Even the representative of the engineering firm consulting on the project said almost none of their clients choose this option. Is this a wise use of our county funds? Are there not other more important uses for these funds?

When local residents are tightening their belts, would it not be better to have a local window cleaning company clean these windows every few years or so, which keeps this money in our county rather than giving $30,000 to some mining and chemical company?

To top it all, in the midst of a recession when people are losing their jobs and homes, our County Board plans to increase this year's tax levy by 3.024% or more than $450,000 over last year's. It seems these types of decisions are just par for the course with our County Board.

Whatever happened to wisdom and accountability in governance?