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Letter: What a relief: Our country saved

With another election behind us, it's nice to see that wealthy white men have taken back control of America.

Goodbye to Obama's socialist gulag where the top 1% of the population had to settle for 35% of the country's collective net worth, 43% of the financial wealth (stocks, bonds, etc.), and a mere 21% of all income.

Meanwhile, the top 10% had to comfort themselves with only 73% of the net worth, 83% of the financial wealth, and 50% of all income, percentages that have been rising year after year.

Hmmm. You know, I'm not really sure when they lost control of the country in the first place, but there you go.

As for the other nine-tenths of the population, under our Muslim-in-chief they had to settle for cuts in their payroll taxes. Let's hope our Tea Party patriots put a stop to that sort of godless communism.

And maybe now we can get runaway government spending under control. Did you know some government programs have more than doubled in size in the last decade?

The military budget, for instance, which is now $680 billion a year -- tens of billions more if you count related programs such as Homeland Security, nuclear weapons, veterans affairs and intelligence services. Roughly a quarter of the overall federal budget and half of all discretionary spending, our national defense comprises 40% of the world's total, as much as the next 20 nations (the majority of them our allies) combined.

What's that? The Republican pledge takes defense spending off the table?

Oh. Well, I guess we'll have to reduce the deficit by retaining tax cuts for those making more than a quarter million a year. Hey, wait a minute...