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Letter: Instead of tea,try coffee outlook

The gap between the rich and the poor in this country has never been greater.

This is a result of the U.S. economy going south by the Bush administration policies of our financial resources grossly invested into an unneeded war in Iraq. It was a failed attempt to steal the oil reserves there.

Additionally, huge unnecessary tax breaks were given to the wealthiest Americans and free reign to oil corporations, banks and Wall Street. The trickle-down theory did not work under the Reagan administration and also failed for Bush.

President Clinton left office with a balanced budget and surplus funds. President Obama took office with an incredible burden to correct the gross mistakes made by President Bush.

Give Obama a break and an equitable chance to succeed. Bush had eight years to ruin the economy. Obama cannot perform a miracle change in only two years.

Health-care reform has been 70 years in the making and now it has arrived. This will also need more than a year to show the benefits.

We are on the right track to recovery from the worst recession since the great

depression. Tea Partiers need a reality check, instead of promoting the negative, divisiveness and racist undertones.

Instead, they as well as all of us should promote a positive discourse for American recovery. An alternative to the Tea Party is the Coffee Party,

I am not a member of, nor endorse the Coffee Party, but offer its more positive outlook of celebrating our diversity, not condemning it. Let us work together and not widen the gap between the haves and have nots.