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Letter: Hardly moderate

I read a recent letter to the editor regarding the Healthy Choices Act. The article mentioned trails and hiking paths, but what drew my interest was the statement that Ron Kind was a "moderate congressman."

Is this the same Congressman Ron Kind who voted for the Stimulus Bills, Obamas's Health Care Bill, Cap and Trade, and who has a better than 90% voting record with Nancy Pelosi? If this is moderate I hate to see what a true liberal looks like.

As for the Healthy Choices Act, do you want the government monitoring your children's Body Mass Index from the ages of 2 to 18? Do you want Federal Fat Police?

Congressman Ron Kind states that it would help "busy American families." I believe Congressman Kind cares for busy American families, but not totally to help them.

He, along with other liberals, wants to have more control over American families.

Do you want your future controlled by liberal politicians in Washington? Is that what you want for your children's