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For Boles: Letters endorsing Joe Boles

Eric Johnson, North Hudson

I support Joe Boles in his campaign for Pierce County judge.

I have been the St. Croix district attorney for 21 years. Before that I was the Pierce County District Attorney for five years.

I have known Joe Boles and have observed how he has skillfully represented his clients and how he has conducted himself in the courtroom.

He possesses the qualities needed to be an excellent judge. He has knowledge of the law and he will treat people fairly and with respect.

I strongly believe the citizens of Pierce County would be fortunate to have Joe Boles as their judge.

Bill Montgomery, River Falls

I wish I could vote for Joe Boles to help him win the election for Pierce county judge, but I can't because I am a resident of St. Croix County.

Why would I vote for Joe? Because I have known Joe as a friend, a fellow Rotarian, and a wise and capable person.

Each week, we begin our Rotary club meeting with the "four way test" in response to the invitation to recite the "things that we think, say and do": Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better fellowship, will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Fortunately, for Joe's family, friends, legal clients, colleagues, and fellow citizens,  these are not simply spoken words but the "test" that informs his personal and professional life.

As residents of Pierce County, when you enter the voting booth to cast your ballot for your next county judge, I would encourage you to vote for Joe Boles.

Daniel Burgess, town of Martell

Many of you know me from my time as a River Falls police officer or Spring Valley police chief.

I want to discuss the race for Pierce County Judge. I frequently hear the question, "Why should I care about who the judge is?" Followed by, "I am not a criminal."

The county judge rules on and hears a vast number of cases every year, involving all types of legal actions. Many of these actions are civil in nature and involve things like personal injuries, and collection of debts, along with the many criminal cases.

While most of us will never be the cause of any of these actions, we can easily become the victim, the injured party, or owed money. In any situation Pierce County deserves a judge who is compassionate, impartial, and fair.

We have been very lucky that qualified individuals have entered this race. However, the candidate that best exemplifies these core values is Joe Boles. He has shown himself to be compassionate as a good neighbor and friend to Pierce County by donating many hours of his time, and supporting many charitable causes.

Joe Boles has shown himself to be impartial and fair as a prosecutor, by coming up with innovative and creative ways to serve the needs of the public and see that justice has been served.

Joe Boles is the judge Pierce County deserves. Please, take advantage of your right to vote on April 6.

Charles E. White, River Falls

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Joe Boles for Pierce County Circuit Court Judge. With long experience in all aspects of the law, Joe will be outstanding.