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All eyes are on Reed Grimm: Will he advance in 'Idol' competition?

Reed Grimm performs with his band, Shoeless Revolution, at the Lakefront Park band shell in 2010. He graduated with a degree in percussion and philosophy from UW-La Crosse and is one of the remaining "American Idol" contestants. He has performed locally in Hudson and Ellsworth with his family practically since birth. File photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Last week Colleen Raye watched "American Idol" at Junior's Bar and Grill in River Falls with family members and friends. Wednesday night, her son Reed Grimm was shown performing in the singles competition. He chose another quirky song -- "I've Got a Golden Ticket" -- from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." His rendition was enough for the judges to unanimously agree to send him through to the group competition.

For the group competition the contestants are given a list of 20 plus songs. They must pick a song and team up with other contestants to form a group of four or five. This week "American Idol" airs on Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. on Fox TV.

Raye is unsure which night this week we might be able to see Reed perform with his group but she will again keep vigil at Junior's Bar and Grill.

According to the Fox line-up, "American Idol" will be aired each Wednesday and Thursday through the rest of the month. Next week we will bring you more Reed Grimm news and will continue the updates as long as he is in the running to become the next "American Idol."

It is a long way before the public can vote but just in case, you might want to practice your texting skills in the event Grimm survives.