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RF man charged with beating up fellow inmate

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crime and courts River Falls, 54022

River Falls Wisconsin 2815 Prairie Drive / P.O. Box 25 54022

A fight in the Pierce County Jail resulted in a River Falls man being charged with a felony.

Gene C. Ewers, 40, was charged Thursday in Pierce County Circuit Court with battery by prisoners. He is scheduled to make his initial appearance Monday.


According to the criminal complaint, a fellow inmate alleged on Jan. 21, Ewers pushed him into the shower door causing him to fall about five to six feet injuring his hand. The victim said the fight started when he asked Ewers and another inmate to quit being so loud and referencing a scene from a TV show. The victim is alleging that's when Ewers pushed him.

Ewers claimed the victim came into the room, yelling and screaming about the TV scene and being so loud. Ewers told him if he didn't like what was going on, move to a different block, which the victim did.

The third party was interviewed and after initially admitting nothing happened, said Ewers pushed the victim.

Surveillance footage confirmed Ewers pushing the victim. Ewers were given 40 days in lockdown, which was eventually reduced to 30.

The charge is a Class H felony which carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 and/or six years prison if found guilty.

Ewers was in jail on a sex crime which was scheduled for a jury trial Friday.

For more please read the Feb. 9 print version of the Herald.