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New Richmond girl, 14, charged with attempted homicide

Republicans lead in many northern Wisconsin races

Republicans continue to do well in St. Croix County and northern Wisconsin. Results include:

--7th Congressional District: Sean Duffy (Rep.) 77,304; Pat Kreitlow (Dem.) 55,156 with 40 percent of votes recorded.

--10th State Senate: Sheila Harsdorf (Rep.) 19,284; Daniel Olson (Dem.) 11,536 with 41 percent of votes recorded.

--30th Assembly District: Dean Knudson (Rep.) 7,853; Diane Odeen (Dem.)

4,524 with 45 percent of votes recorded.

--29th Assembly District: John Murtha (Rep.) 6,360; Jim Swanson (Dem.)

4,081 with 42 percent of votes recorded

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson still has a slight lead

(569,467-564,940) over Democrat Tammy Baldwin with 42 percent of the votes recorded, but Baldwin has been projected as the winner by several media outlets.