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Nao Sue Xiong, 65

Nao Sue Xiong, 65

Died Nov. 15, 2013

Nao Sue Xiong passed away on Friday morning, Nov. 15, at 65 years old. Nao Sue was born in Houa Tha, Laos on Oct. 6, 1948. He valued education and graduated college with an Associate of Science Degree in welding in the 1980's. Nao Sue lived his life with dignity, and in service to his beloved family and dear country. He was a loving family man and a courageous soldier proud to serve his country. He worked very hard and tirelessly to provide for the family and put his children through college while his wife took care of the children at home.

Nao Sue was a great father; he encouraged all his children to raise a family because he understood the value of loyalty. He supported by giving his children strength when they need it, and most importantly, he showed his children how to love because he believed in making the world a better place. Nao Sue will be remembered for his smile that lights up the room, his words of wisdom that made his friends and family more intelligent, and his endless love that changed those who knew him to be better and stronger individuals. Although Nao Sue is no longer with us, we still hold him dear to our hearts. As the Xiong family continues to tell the depth of his sacrifice, we encourage you all to draw strength and inspiration from his example.

Nao Sue is survived by his beloved wife, Ka Ying Vang of 43 years; 6 sons: Vang, Lee Pao, Rohan, Khong, Michael, and Ko Brandon; 6 daughters: My Yang, Callie a/k/a Ka Bowl Paramo, Gao Nou Vue, Sammy Xiong-Vue, See Xiong, and Yer Xiong; 22 adorable grandchildren; and one blessed great-grandson.

We are all proud to have had him in our lives.

Please join us to honor Nao Sue Xiong's legacy on Dec. 13-16, at Legacy Funeral Home on 255 Eaton Street, Saint Paul, MN, (just off highway 52 and Plato Boulevard). Funeral service will be open 24 hours.