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Moody's in River Falls saw a surge in new car sales once the federal program "Cash for Clunkers" started late last month. Above, some of the so-called clunkers traded in for new, more fuel-efficient cars: Old Suburbans, Blazers, Ford Explorers. Owner Bobby Moody says these clunker trade-ins can't be sold. By government decree they must be drained of oil and the engine disabled with a solution of Sodium Silicate (liquid glass). The clunkers are then hauled off by a certified salvage yard for scrap. Phil P...

With a little help from the feds, clunkers be gone

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Bobby Moody was pleased but anxious. Terry Roen said the timing stunk and the near future remains grim.

Moody is pleased because his General Motors dealership just took in about a month's worth of new-car sales in a week's time.


But he's anxious until his dealership collects the $4,500 trade-in value from the federal government for each of the 16 "clunkers" taken in on new-car deals.

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