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Letters: For Joe Boles (March 25)

Russell E. Berg, Barron County Assistant District Attorney, River Falls

I am writing in support of Joe Boles' candidacy for judge.

Prior to my current position, I was an assistant district attorney in Pierce County for seven years and was in private practice in River Falls for 20 years.

I have had the pleasure throughout most of my career to have worked with, and at times against, Joe on a wide variety of cases.

Joe has always represented his clients in a highly skilled and honest manner. Joe has always demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and has treated everyone with courtesy and respect.

These qualities convince me there is no one better qualified than Joe Boles to be Pierce County's next judge.

Leo A. and Donna R. Beskar, town of Clifton

We first met Joe Boles in 1981 when he was hired as an attorney in the firm Beskar & Berg. In 1983 he became a partner of the firm Rodli, Beskar & Boles, which is now Rodli, Beskar, Boles, Krueger & Pletcher. For 29 years he has been partner and friend.

We have witnessed firsthand Joe's work ethic, his determination, his integrity, his honor, his kindness and his sense of humor. He has practiced law in many fields: real estate, estate planning, litigation, criminal, municipal, probate, family.

In addition, over the years he has been involved in community organizations such as the Kinnic Falls Halfway House, the UW-RF Foundation, the Pierce/St. Croix Free Clinic ... not just when he decided to run for Pierce County judge.

Joe has worn many hats over the years: Son, brother, husband, dad, grandpa, friend, attorney. If he becomes judge it will mean many changes for the law firm.

We hate the idea of losing such a good partner, but know that Pierce County would be very fortunate to have Judge Joe Boles.

We urge all to vote "Joe for Judge."

Eric J. Lundell, St. Croix County Circuit Judge

When I first heard that Judge Wing was retiring as Pierce County judge, I thought of likely candidates to succeed him.

One name immediately came to mind: Joe Boles.

During my 21 years on the bench in St. Croix County, I've been able to observe nearly all of the Pierce County attorneys. Joe Boles clearly stood out as the one who I felt would be an excellent judge if an opening would ever arise in Pierce County.

Right after I heard that Judge Wing was retiring, I contacted Joe and suggested that he think about running. I talked to him for probably an hour about why I thought he'd be the best candidate.

I suggested that he talk to others and get back to me. After considerable reflection, Joe e-mailed me and told me that he would be a candidate.

Joe Boles has all of the necessary qualities that I believe will make him an excellent judge.

He is highly intelligent, but is not condescending. He is well spoken, but does not preach. He is compassionate, but yet can be firm when necessary. He is very level-headed and is one of the fairest persons that I know.

Joe's personality is ideally suited for the position of Pierce County circuit judge.

I rarely endorse anybody for any elected position. But when Joe Boles told me that he was running for the Pierce County judge, I told him that I wanted to help get him elected.

I urge voters in Pierce County to vote for Joe Boles on April 6. You will be very happy with Joe Boles as your next judge.

Charlene (Langer) Larson, Hager City

The people of River Falls and surrounding townships voted overwhelmingly for Joe Boles because they know him.

They know he is a good person. They know he treats all people with respect. They know he actively participates in community projects. They know he tutors young people.

More important, they know this is the real Joe Boles. They know he has treated people with respect and honesty all of his life. That is why they voted overwhelmingly for Joe Boles.

I have known both of these attorneys for the past 30 years -- first while serving as Pierce County register of deeds before resigning in 1983 to start a business.

This experience has allowed me to work with each of these attorneys professionally. I live on a farm in the Town of Diamond Bluff and, like Joe, I am a lifelong resident of Pierce County.

As judge, Joe will follow the law -- not interpret the law to his benefit, not try to influence decision making based on his personal beliefs, and not make decisions without listening to all the facts. He is the best person for the job.

I encourage Pierce County residents to talk with people who have worked with the candidates. They should not rely on the amount of money spent on the campaign nor the number of signs in yards.

They should learn more about the candidates and what they represent. They will find that Joe Boles will be a judge who marks his deliberations with honesty, respect, and integrity. Do your part and vote Joe for Judge.

Bye, Goff and Rohde, Ltd.: Chuck Bye, Steve Goff, Dean Rohde, Tracy Tool, Bob Parsons, Brian Laule, Martha Heidt; Gavic Law Offices: Jorv Gavic, Scott Gavic; Doar, Drill and Skow, SC: Ardell Skow, Matthew Biegert, Mike Brose, Aaron Nelson, Anne Schmiege, Christine Rasmussen; Bakke Norman, SC: Tim O'Brien, Tom Schumacher, Bob Richardson, Rolv Slungaard; and Mark Gherty, James Johnson, Brent Johnson, and Jennifer O'Neill

As attorneys who practice before the Pierce County Circuit Court, we are aware that an argument is circulating that if Joe Boles were elected, it would require a "substitute" judge to hear cases where his ex-partners and associates would appear before him.

This is not true. In every civil matter before the court, any party has the right to substitute for the assigned judge if they believe that the judge cannot be fair and impartial.

This situation is different from the case where the law actually prohibits a judge from hearing a case -- for example, where a close relative, such as a judge's child, is one of the lawyers involved.

It is common for judges to hear cases where their former partners or associates are involved. This routinely occurs because the opposing attorney in such a case realizes the assigned judge will be fair and impartial.

Based upon our many years of knowing Joe Boles, both as an opponent and ally in court, we believe he will be fair and impartial to all parties involved, as well as to their respective attorneys.

Our intent is to inform the voters of Pierce County that we believe, should Joe Boles be elected judge, there will be no need to substitute him on cases that involve his former law partners and associates. We believe Joe Boles will be fair and impartial, regardless of who comes before his court.

John O'Boyle, Pierce County district attorney

On April 6, Pierce County voters will select a new Circuit Court Judge. The ideal candidate should have integrity, a strong work ethic, the legal skills and demeanor to be fair.

Pierce County needs a judge who recognizes that real people's lives are affected by the court's decisions, no matter which side of the case they are on.

What we do not need is a Judge who makes outlandish and unrealistic campaign promises and states opinions on issues that may come before the court. We do not need a Judge who rushes to judgment in making a decision before hearing all of the evidence.

A judge's only campaign promises should be to follow the law, work hard and to be fair.

I have known and practiced with Joe Boles for over 15 years. He is a person of integrity and honor. He is respectful of what the court stands for as an institution in our society.

He has both the head and the heart to serve as Judge for Pierce County. He has the capacity to know what is at stake for all litigants who come before the court.

Above all, he is simply a good person. He is by far the best choice to serve as Pierce County judge.