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Letter: Why do some people spoil it by only thinking of themselves?

A big thank you to the Chamber of Commerce and to Family Fresh Market for the spectacular fireworks show Sunday night. What a beautiful night it was.

Unfortunately, I was surprised to see the line of parked cars on Division

Street obstructing the view for people sitting in the Greenwood School fields.

In the past, the street has been off limits for parking, being marked with temporary “no parking signs.”

However, there was only one such sign in place Sunday evening, at the eastern most end of the green space. I was later told that earlier in the day the entire street was marked.

Somehow the other signs had disappeared.

What a shame that someone would pull those signs in order to get a better parking spot for themselves — in essence blocking the view of the fireworks for many more.

For the one sign still in place — shame on those cars who ignored the sign and parked right next to it.

I was barely within earshot when a police officer approached a car that had just parked immediately in front of that “no parking” sign.

From what I gathered, the three ladies in the gold Jeep argued that it was the only sign on the entire block and that other people had parked there.

Thus, they left the vehicle parked, within two feet of the sign, and the officer let them.

I guess “no parking” signs don’t mean anything anymore.