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Letter: What a difference a few trash cans would make

Spring has sprung...along with the trash and doggy poo. Like someone stated a few weeks ago, there is no "Poo fairy" to be found!

I love where I live! I can utilize the walking path on Hwy. 29 from the town into the city and connect with the Greenwood Valley Drive walkway. I have done this for the last eight years.

I see many people with the same ideas. The problem is this: No trash cans along the way.

I would not even mind picking up some garbage being thrown out by the motorists if I did not have to carry it for the entire three miles I walk.

Usually I fill a full-size garbage bag with trash in a couple of blocks in spring with nowhere to put it.

I see people bag up their doggy poo and set it down on the ground. Isn't that worse than leaving it to wash away in the rain. How many years until the bag breaks down?

Would it make it easier for the maintenance/lawn mowers to keep the pathways clean if there were a few garbage cans along the way?

I think others would also pick up the trash on the ground or hold their trash until they reached the garbage cans if we had a few on the trails.

We have plenty downtown. Now let's make it easier to keep the whole city beautiful!

How about a few trash cans in the budget?