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Letter: Time to clear the hot air, acknowledge scientific facts

Earth scientists around the world, with years of experience and specialized knowledge, working for different organizations, have looked at the data and come to the same conclusion: Earth's atmosphere is rapidly growing warmer and is accelerating. Human activity is the likely cause.

In September 2012 the Arctic sea ice melted to its lowest level ever measured. Tens of thousands of daily heat records were broken across America, leading to punishing droughts in our nation's breadbasket and wildfires that devastated our forests and property.

The first ten years of this century were the warmest on record and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are the highest they've been in at least 800,000 years.

Yet every day, on the airwaves, online, and throughout the media, the loudest and most misinformed global warming deniers spout their opinions and beliefs.

Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and a host of other commentators are filling the airwaves with outright distortions every day about the reality of climate change and despite the urgency of the problem have recently stepped up their attacks on the underlying science.

A recent Union of concerned Scientists analysis found that 93% of the references on Fox News were misleading, often just plain wrong.

Global warming isn't a "hoax" or a "belief." It's a reality based on decades of rigorous scientific evidence that is sobering and solid.

It's hard to believe that any rational person would blatantly disregard our responsibility to provide a healthy and prosperous world for our children and our grandchildren. It is time to develop innovative, practical solutions to our world's biggest problem.

There's no believing or not disbelieving in climate change - it's a matter of knowing the facts. Global warming deniers are full of hot air! It is time to clear the air.