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Letter: This is something to experience and worth supporting

A few weeks ago my son's youth baseball team played in a tournament in Red Wing, Minn. The fields they played at were right next to where the Red Wing Aces play.

When we had a break between games we went to the Aces stadium. It turned out they were playing our own Fighting Fish during a weekend tournament.

Our boys and many of the parents sat down, ate hot dogs, drank cold drinks and watched the Fish go on to win their game.

During and after the game, Fish players noticed the younger River Falls players in the stands and asked them how their games were going.

The kids were thrilled that the Fish noticed them! I think the Fish were also glad to see more River Falls folks at their game.

Later my husband and I talked about how great it was to sit and watch a good baseball game without spending a ton of money or having to drive an hour and deal with city parking.

We talked about how much the kids enjoyed seeing the same guys that run their baseball camps playing on the big field and playing serious ball.

We look forward to the day when we can do it again in River Falls at the new Hoffman Park ball field. The Fish are a great team. If you haven't been to a game yet, you should check it out.

It would be great to get more people excited about the new ball field and commit to sponsor a paving brick or seat name tag.

It would be even better if more local businesses would commit to a sponsorship, and if the local youth sports organizations would also help support the project.

Anyone interested in supporting the new field can find sponsorship opportunities at: