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Letter: Seeing is believing: Proud of my old school's work

For many years I worked at Meyer Middle School as a secretary in the guidance office. I have been retired for a few years now, but was a substitute secretary in that office again this week.

The week just renewed the confidence, pride and deep appreciation I have for the staff in that office and the staff in the whole school for that matter.

I had forgotten the degree and variety of variable situations that the counselors work with every day -- from seeing individual students, to teaching in the classroom, to formulating groups of students for individual support and for community support, to putting out or working with the many "fires" that present themselves in one way or another, to being available, to listening, to conferencing with parents and students on future high school classes and possible careers, to constantly communicating with the teachers, parents, administration about what is in the best interest of the child.

I see it as putting together a puzzle with different size puzzle pieces and making it all fit together.

Hats off to you Meyer Middle School! Thank you for all you do to enhance the lives and development of these young people.