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Letter: Reporting was spot on: Town's inaction leaves me steaming mad

Your reporter is correct. My ire was raised at the June 5 town of Clifton board meeting.

So much so that a comment made by Town Board Chairman Leroy Peterson was left uncorrected by me.

If he feels that one phone call, now more than three months ago, regarding the cutting of trees is "hounding" or implies that I at any time "cursed" him, his feelings are both unfortunate and untrue.

Further, if residents of Clifton cannot bring their concerns to the Town Board meetings without these types of adversarial statements, how are issues to be resolved?

Reasonable people should be able to meet, discuss and agree on a course of action which should resolve a problem.

Hopefully, in Mr. Peterson's 42 years of service to the residents of Clifton, he has done that and has not made it a practice to ignore issues brought to him.

In my case, however, I am not sure -- 742nd Avenue is still crumbling, the Town Board has no interest in sorting through the high-speed Internet issue, the snow plowing concerns on County Road F were brushed away with the suggestion to drive slower, and the cleanup of the mess left as the result of tree cutting still remains more than three months after one phone call and a personal request to the Town Board to finish the job.

Yes, my ire has been raised.