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Letter: Parents, this program has enormous potential for your children

An overnight bus trip chaperoning the RFHS Marching Wildcats? As a busy working mom I was unsure I would enjoy the experience, but I did. They did not even make finals at this regional competition and even though they are used to winning, a core value of this program is successfully focused on helping our children become better people, not just trophy holders.

I witnessed the benefit of this focus to our children on this trip.

Parents, if you want your children to grow as young people who are disciplined, gracious and understand the rewards of being a member of the team, the marching band might be for your child.

I knew these rewards were possible for my child who adores band. This trip proved to me that even if students don't have band as their first priority, there are still clear benefits.

All of these young people are articulate, interesting and committed to a better world.

Our band directors, Mr. Jaeckel and Mr. Coughlin, have built and run a program that values each student and is focused on building character.

Our band booster leaders, the Suttons, clearly understand the needs of both the band and their busy parents.

As a band mom, initially somewhat reluctant for my son to join the band, I was wary of the time commitment. I am here to tell you I have changed my mind. Music, particularly the marching band program, has been a valuable experience in helping shape our son's character, and our parental involvement, a little or a lot, is greatly valued and appreciated.

You and your child will not be sorry if you join the fun.

Please connect with me if you have questions about this great program, the RFHS Marching Wildcats.