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Letter: Our veterans, their families are being well-served

I received a phone call from a grateful constituent. With her permission, along with that of the St. Croix County Veterans' Service Office, I write this letter of commendation and recognition.

The constituent is Donna Badje, town of Kinnickinnic, who wanted to express how thankful she and her family were for the unwavering help and support they had so consistently received from our County Veterans' Service Office.

Donna's father, Wilbur Frank, was a combat veteran, having served in the European Theater of Operations as a sergeant in the U.S. Army Infantry, in Italy, during World War II.

Because of his service Donna's mother, Harriet, was eligible for spousal benefits available to survivors of veterans.

The process of obtaining those benefits took just under two years but, with the diligent help of the St. Croix County Veterans' Service Office, Harriet ultimately did receive the financial assistance to which she was entitled.

For that, those who survive her are most appreciative.

It is with sincere respect and deep gratitude that I acknowledge the commitment and dedication to our veterans and their families so faithfully exhibited by our county's Veterans' Service Office.

This includes Veterans' Service Officer Merlin Blaisdell, Administrative Assistant Wanda Plourde and Administrative Secretary Geri Campbell.

They should know that they have our county's support as they continue to serve its veterans and their families.