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Letter: Our community needlessly deprived of a good officer

Between June 13, 2011, and Nov. 12, 2012, the Roberts Village Board, Police Chief Dan Burgess and Village Attorney Bill Radosevich met in six closed sessions to discuss alleged misdeeds brought by Chief Burgess against senior police officer Sonia Kubesh.

The alleged misdeeds were minor, if not trivial, and should have been handled within the department.

At these closed sessions, and most recently at the session held on Oct. 24, Chief Burgess presented accusations against Officer Kubesh to the Village Board.

Officer Kubesh was not once allowed to attend and present any rebuttals to Chief Burgess' accusations.

Apparently the Village Board does not believe in due process and is willing to stand nine against one and only hear one side of the case.

As one Roberts resident aptly stated, "Roberts has a broom and dustpan government where everything is swept under the rug."

After serving the community in which she lives for almost 13 years, Officer Kubesh should be afforded the opportunity to defend herself against Chief Burgess' accusations.

Instead, the Village Board listened to Chief Burgess' accusations in private, and, as a result, Officer Kubesh was presented with a resignation agreement.

Further, at the Nov. 12 Village Board meeting, attorney Radosevich said no charges were filed against Officer Kubesh, so there was no Police Board of Review hearing which would have been held in public.

However, the Police Board was not involved because Chief Burgess chose to circumvent that board and take his accusations against Officer Kubesh directly to Village President Willard Moeri -- who convened the closed sessions.

Officer Kubesh wished to retire with the village and only resigned because she was presented with no other choice. It is a shame for Roberts to lose such a dedicated, honorable and well-liked police officer.