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Letter: Mining company says its record is spotless and good for the area

The Journal's Aug. 15, 2012, town of Clifton story -- "Frac-sand mining issues remain as debatable topic" -- was full of false allegations.

Pierce County recently approved Wisconsin Industrial Sand Company's (WISC) application to operate an underground sand mine in Diamond Bluff. The company's application to expand operation into the town of Oak Grove is on hold because of a sand mining moratorium in that town.

WISC has no other applications pending in any other towns for sand mining permits.

The county's approval of our company's permit application for Diamond Bluff was based in part on WISC's long history of responsibly operating underground sand mines at Maiden Rock (since 1996) and at Bay City/Hager City (since 2007.)

WISC goes beyond compliance with regards to state and federal regulations for sand mining and has an excellent record of preserving the environment and community involvement.

In a recent editorial, the Red Wing Republican Eagle called the Maiden Rock and Bay City/Hager City mining operations "good neighbors."

Maiden Rock, Hager City, and Bay City employees volunteered more than 1,755 hours within the community in 2011. The two mines combined contribute $7.2 million to the Pierce County region's economy.

WISC has a strict written policy that requires all trucks and rail cars be covered. Contractors and employees must sign off that each truck and rail car is covered before they can leave our property.

The only chemical used in washing the sand is the same chemical used by municipal drinking water systems and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for erosion control.

The chemical allows us to recycle the wash water by removing the sediment, which has greatly reduced our overall water use.

An open and honest discussion about sand mining should be based on facts and not false information.