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Letter: Of mice and men, she has fond memories to this day

Halfway to town, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye ... I saw it again.

It didn't register for a minute -- I completely forgot to release the mouse we had live trapped in the kitchen the night before.

I had set the trap on the passenger-side floor of our van, intending to let it go at the end of our long driveway.

Somehow it found its way out while we were driving. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road.

After about 10 minutes, a truck pulled in behind. A man hopped out and asked if we needed any help.

I explained our predicament. He got right in there, and had that mouse caught within a few minutes.

I half-expected a snicker about our catch-and-release mouse policy, but not a patronizing peep out of this rugged-looking man.

We chatted for a minute, us telling him we had just recently moved to River Falls from Minneapolis, and him warmly welcoming us.

He bade us farewell and off he drove with a nod and wave. I've wished for all of these years that I could have sent him a thank-you note.

I'm a firm believer in spontaneous acts of kindness and recognizing these acts of others because they really do make a difference in our lives.

I could fill pages with stories of wonderful people in River Falls reaching out and sharing gifts of generosity.

We now live in Illinois, yet we still call River Falls our true home. We cannot wait to return and give back to the community that so warmly welcomed us years ago.