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Letter: May this beautiful story bring joy to your heart

The most extraordinary thing happened to me on Tuesday, Sept. 24. My friend Ray and I were completing our White Pathway walk by standing on the footbridge, musing and enjoying the beauty of the Kinni.

We had noticed a man standing in the middle of the bridge looking into the water. I looked up as the man approached us and handed me a very large package which I discovered to be one-dozen long stemmed red roses.

I was astounded, speechless. He said, “These are for you.”

Actually, I cannot remember his exact words. With tears of joy and gratitude I looked from the stranger to Ray unable to speak.

I realized the man was walking away from us. I managed to say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

He turned back to us (me) and said, “God bless you.”

I was (am) blessed. It had been an unusually tough day.

And I say once more to that kind, thoughtful man: Thank you.

I have enjoyed the roses. I have enjoyed telling my friends this beautiful story.