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Letter: Highway project unnecessary; we need smarter spending

The Radio Road overpass (set for 2013-14) is a waste of our tax dollars and a future burden on taxpayers.

River Falls taxpayers not only will be spending $4 million now, it will also cost us tax dollars for upkeep far into the future.

The overpass is not needed:

1. Driving is declining. Vehicle miles driven here is declining, not growing.

2. Population is not growing. St. Croix County did not gain one single person between 2011-2012. U.S. Census Bureau, housing experts and home sales figures for St. Croix County all indicate the population will not be growing in the future.

3. Highway funding a mess. Officials have no idea how we are going to pay for highway upkeep.

I often use the Radio Road exit off Hwy. 35N. There's never been a traffic problem.

We have much better funding priorities for our tax dollars.

The demographics and economics of our area are changing. We need to be smarter about the changing priorities for making our area prosperous moving forward.