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Letter: Hall of famer: Not just for me, glory must be shared

Recently I was inducted into the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Hall of Fame in Madison.

I'm proud of that honor, but giving that award to an individual overlooks the contributions of many people who made that achievement possible.

During my 19 years as UWRF head football coach, the Falcons had over 70 different assistant coaches, nearly 500 different players, and 80-plus trainers, managers, and cheerleaders. They have all contributed to the Falcons' success.

Don't forget to add university personnel, team doctors, QB Club members, downtown supporters, friends and fans. They all were important. The word TEAM means more than just players on the field.

Without the support of George Field, Don Page, Harold Tiffany, Sharon Larson, Doc Meisterling, Stump, and many others, the Falcons would not have been the same.

Players ranged from All-Americans to four-year guys who seldom played but were critical to the team as "meat squad" scrimmage opponents. Without the least of the players, the best would never have developed.

I have a list of over 300 players, coaches, and supporters that were part of our TEAM.

My wife Rae advised me to not mention anyone by name. That way I would not offend someone whom I forgot.

I understand that, but to me it seems a shame. This was not some Farley award. It was an award that each individual who was a part of those 1970-1988 teams deserve.

Teams, when times were tough, and teams that won championships -- they all played a part.

My 19 years at UWRF are treasures. If you were a part of those years, and in whatever capacity, thank you! Congratulations! You won the award!

Did I forget your role? I hope not. Drop me a note at:

I hope you will continue to be a UWRF Falcon booster.