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Letter: Everyone at our son's school has been kind and supportive

We would like to thank the Rocky Branch Elementary staff and students for their love and support during the last seven years our son, Carter, has been a student there.

Carter is a 5th grader at Rocky Branch and was diagnosed autistic seven years ago. Carter has an excellent support system at Rocky Branch, so many people who look beyond his disabilities and cheer him on every single day.

Most recently, Carter and his classmates from Mr. Toppel's 5th grade class competed in Rocky Branch's Track & Field day. Carter is not a standout athlete, but he has overcome some hurdles and now participates in this day with the rest of his classmates.

He was "competing" in the hockey shoot event. One of the pucks he hit went into the net and his classmates cheered!

A second puck went in and you would have thought he had just scored the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl -- his classmates, the staff and other parents watching cheered again!

We want everyone at Rocky Branch to know that your acts of kindness such as this through the years have never gone unnoticed and will not soon be forgotten.

You all have made Carter feel so important and so special, and for this we will be forever grateful.