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Letter: Doing good: Easy habit to get used to

The community has and is exemplifying common good with great compassion, love, support, etc.

Examples are Our Neighbor's Place, Food Pantry, Turningpoint shelter, Tuesday Night free meal, Habitat for Humanity -- just to name a few.

Recently common good was shown to the "Three Angels" and their families.

How can we show common good as individuals?

Some examples are showing a great smile, saying hello, opening a door, giving compliments to anybody.

With someone else, you can share the beauty of a sunset or the special beauty or fragrance of a flower.

And as we do these and your own examples, new possibilities will develop. The desire to do them will grow in you.

Being acknowledged for these deeds is not important. We will lift other's spirits as well as our own.

We also, in a deeper way, discover common good in ourselves and notice common good in others. Our example may encourage others to do common good.

Happy Holidays!