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Letter: Come join our discussion on important state issues

The Awareness Project of Western Wisconsin (TAP) has brought River Falls many wonderful events in the last year.

Besides cash mobs, jazz nights and other events, TAP has hosted a number of events focused on issues important to River Falls. From fact checking to agriculture, TAP is committed to providing a safe space for everyone to discuss the issues that are central to our lives.

This Thursday, May 23, TAP will hold another discussion circle focusing on Gov. Walker's proposed budget and the effects it could have on the working class.

This is the issue that perhaps most divides us along political lines: What steps do we need to take to ensure everyone has a shot at the American Dream?

Is tough love the answer, or is that a cruelty that doesn't adjust for circumstantial reality? Should we provide assistance, or does that create dependence?

We may fall on different sides of these issues, but one thing remains the same: We all deserve a place to have an honest and open discussion of these issues.

Specifically, we will be taking a look at the proposed tax cuts and the governor's new proposals for BadgerCare.

Will these tax cuts stimulate the economy, or are they just a kickback to those who need it least? Should the governor have taken the federal dollars for BadgerCare, or was he right to refuse the eventual budget burden, if only at 10%?

These questions may separate us, but instead of retreating to our "echo chambers," join us May 23 for an open and honest discussion in a safe environment.

We will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the TAP office, 208. S Main St. I will be there. Please join me.