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Letter: Always glad to offer some practical advice

I see my friends in Troy Burne need my help again. You might remember I solved their problem with the $20,000 road bump and it didn't cost a penny.

Their first problem is leftover sand from winter plowing operations. Some may want to spend $20,000 to retrofit a truck but I have a much better idea.

Buy each household a broom and dustpan and they can clean up the area in front of their properties. This would cost $19,000 less than the retrofit. Disposal would also be easy as there are odd-shaped areas throughout Troy Burne which already have sand in them.

Problem two is plow blades hitting curbs. My solution is to paint all the curbing in Troy Burne with fluorescent pink paint.

Most snowplowing is caused by six-inch or less snowfalls. Fluorescent pink curbs would be great for snowplow driver visibility.

Problem three, mailboxes hit by plow trucks, is also a piece of cake to solve. Simply do what is done at apartment complexes. Move all Troy Burne mailboxes into one long row just inside the entrance to the area.

This creates a win-win situation. Even in a huge snowstorm, the plow driver knows exactly where all the mailboxes are.

Many residents might choose to walk to their mailbox, which could benefit their health.

There is also a cost benefit for the mail delivery person as less gas will be needed to deliver the mail.