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TOWN OF TROY: 11/9/17 Town Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 11:28pm

654 Glover Rd
REGULAR TOWN BOARD MEETING - will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at the Troy Town Hall.
1. Call meeting to order;
2. Approve minutes;
3. Citizen Input;
4. Park Board Report;
5. Park Ranger, Humane Officer & Sheriff Reports;
6. Zoning Administrator Report;
7. Review Town insurance policy with Rural Insurance;
8. Discuss and consider Bonding/Insurance Level of
Coverage and Internal Accounting Controls;
9. Discuss and consider Windmill Marina Association, Inc.
Winter Dock Storage Agreement;
10. Discuss and consider Lawn Barbers Lawn Care, LLC
Lawn Care Commercial Contract for 2018;
11. Discuss and consider Resolution 2017-07, Resolution in
Opposition to Senate Bill 387 and Assembly Bill 479;
12. Discuss and consider Tax Collection Agreement with
St. Croix County;
13. Discuss and consider Recycling Center Specialist open
14. Discuss and consider employee performance and wage
review process;
15. Discuss and consider Municipal Tax Collector Bond;
16. Discuss and consider Designation of Public
17. Building/Driveway permits;
18. Review 2018 Proposed Budget;
19. Amend 2017 Budget;
20. Clerk/Treasurer report;
21. Approve bills;
22. Correspondence;
23. Committee reports;
24. Move into closed session pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes ยง 19.85(1) (g) to confer with the Town's legal counsel who will render oral or written advice concerning strategies to be adopted by the Town Board with respect to the Town's legal action against the City of River Falls contesting the City's annexation of noncontiguous land in Mann Valley and the City's rezoning of a portion of the annexed area from Exclusive Ag to an Industrial zone;
25. Reconvene into open session to take action on closed
session items, as necessary;
26. Adjourn.
Action may be taken on any agenda item.
Jennifer Clark, Clerk/Treasurer
This agenda is subject to change. The posted agenda at the Town Hall is the primary notice.
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