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CITY OF RIVER FALLS: 3/28/17 Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 17, 2017 - 11:24pm

March 28, 2017
Mayor Toland called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located in City Hall.
City Council Members Present: Todd Bjerstedt, Jeff Bjork, Christopher Gagne, Scott Morrissette, Diane Odeen, Hal Watson
Members Absent: David Cronk
Staff Present: Scot Simpson, City Administrator; Julie Bergstrom, Assistant City Administrator; Gordon Young, Police Chief; Amy Peterson, Development Services Director; Brandt Johnson, Management Analyst Fellow; City Attorney Dan Gustafson; Cindi Danke, Recreation Manager; Al Rolek, Finance Director; Brandy Howe, Senior Planner; Reid Wronski, City Engineer; Keri Schreiner, Management Analyst; Scott Nelson, Fire Chief; Kevin Westhuis, Utility Director; Mary Zimmermann, Communications Director; Mike Stifter, Operations Director
Others Present: Jeremy Odegard, Ross Simonson, Dr. Beth Rausch, members of the Legos Robotics Team, Truman Purdy, others
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
March 14, 2017, Regular Meeting Minutes
MSC Morrissette/Watson approve minutes. Unanimous.
Bills $1,054,958.74
MSC Morrissette/Bjork move to approve bills subject to the comptroller. Unanimous.
Alderperson Bjork recognized Lorin 'Beaner' Frey, a former Councilor, who passed away.
Acknowledgement of Minutes: Park and Recreation Advisory Board - 2/15/17; 3/15/17; EMS Board - 2/6/17; Police and Fire Commission - 2/6/17; Utility Advisory Board regular meeting - 1/16/17; workshop minutes 2/20/17
Resolution No. 6132 - Regarding Town 'N' Country Day Request for City Assistance
Resolution No. 6133 - Authorizing Professional Services for Preliminary Design for Glen Park
Resolution No. 6134 -Approving the Fire Service Agreement between the City of River Falls and the Rural Fire Association 2018-2022
Resolution No. 6135 - Regarding Special Use Permit for Eagle Storage, 201 Arrow
Resolution No. 6136 - Awarding Bid for 2017 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project
Resolution No. 6137 - Regarding Determination of Tax Increment District #4 and Authorizing Treasurer to Distribute Excess Increment to Overlying Taxing Districts
Resolution No. 6138 - Appointing City Councilor Diane Odeen as a City Representative for the Cooperative Boundary Committee
MSC Morrissette/Odeen move to approve the Consent Agenda. Unanimous.
Resolution No. 6139 - Regarding Paw-A-Thon Fundraiser Request for City Assistance
Jeremy Odegard, Advisor for Lego League Team, came to provide information about the fundraiser. He introduced team members. The team needs to do a community service project and has selected the UWRF Service Animal Training Program as the recipient. The Paw-A-Thon Fundraiser will be held on May 6. He talked about the event, partners, risk considerations, staffing, and logistics. Odegard had questions about licensing vendors and insurance. The Mayor told Odegard to speak with City staff regarding any questions. He asked how interested persons would find out more. Odegard said there is a Facebook page.
At the conclusion of the presentation, Odegard stood for questions. Alderperson Morrissette asked how the group would be respectful of Greenwood Cemetery and about picking up pet waste. Odegard said that some volunteers would be dedicated to course management. The pledge forms have language for owners to agree to pick up pet waste. Bjork thought the event was a neat idea and encouraged Odegard to continue even if it wasn't successful this year. MSC Morrissette/Bjork move to approve resolution. Unanimous.
Ordinance 2017-09 - An Ordinance Amending the Definition of Building Height in Title 17-Zoning of the Municipal Code - First Reading
No comment.
Ordinance 2017-10 - An Ordinance Establishing Regulations for Columbaria and Mausoleums in Title 17-Zoning of the Municipal Code - First Reading
Alderperson Watson asked if the special use structure could only reside in conjunction with a religious institution. Senior Planner Brandy Howe said it could be placed as a permitted use in an agricultural or park use district. Watson asked if a person could do this in his/her yard if the residence was in one of the zoning districts. Howe said no; it would not comply with state statutory requirements.
Ordinance 2017-11 - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2.16 Fire Protection - First Reading
Morrissette said under letter E, Enforcement of Fire Prevention Ordinances, staff should consider adding, "Chief or designee." City Administrator Simpson said it would probably be interpreted to be "Chief or designee." The modification could be made for the next meeting.
Kinni Corridor Plan
Buddy Lucero, Community Develop Director, provided an update on the Kinni Corridor project. He talked about the project's beginning and the process, the staff involved and the meetings. Lucero talked about the project's website. He stood for questions at the conclusion of the presentation.
Alderperson Watson thanked Lucero. He said it has been really well-done and has received a lot of positive comments from the community.
Kinni Off Road Cyclists (KORC) Presentation
Truman Purdy, from Kinni Off Road Cyclists, gave a presentation. He talked about the group's events, trail use which includes runners, walkers/hikers, and bikers, and trail work days. The area high schools use the trails for practice. Purdy talked about 2017 projects for the group including a trail extension and a storage area for tools. He provided contact information for the group. He stood for questions.
Bjork asked about River Falls students using the trails. Purdy said many surrounding areas use the trail but only a handful of students from the City use it. Morrissette encouraged a partnership with the Chamber if they haven't done so already. Gagne commended Purdy on maintaining the trails and self-policing. Watson talked about the practice area that was brought to the Park Board. He appreciates their efforts as it is a great resource for the community.
City Administrator's Report
City Administrator Simpson mentioned important dates and talked about the website for the Kinni Corridor project ( Morrissette asked about the joint finance committee meeting in Ellsworth. Odeen said the meeting is at 10 a.m. Simpson talked more about the meeting. He talked about a listening session with Rep. Zimmerman. Watson asked about a memorandum of understanding for KORC regarding being able to use the start/finish area at the corporate park. Simpson said they are working on memorandum to preserve land for a start/finish. Simpson provided further information. Odeen gave information on Rep. Zimmerman's listening session.
Comptroller's Report for February
Comptroller Odeen read the following: General Fund revenues through the end of February were $2,197,088 and include the February property tax settlement and the payment for municipal services from the State of Wisconsin. Expenditures for the same period were $1,057,472 or 12 percent of budgeted, for a net of revenues over expenditures of $1,139,616.
Mayor's Appointments
Reappointment of Nick Carow through December 2021
Appointment of Amy Peterson to fill vacancy through
December 2022
MSC Gagne/Odeen move to approve the appointments. Unanimous.
At 7:20 p.m., MS Morrissette/Watson move to recess into Closed Session per Wisconsin State Statutes ยง 19.85(1)(c) for the following purpose: "considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercise responsibility, to wit: City Administrator." The roll call vote to move into Closed Session was unanimous.
MSC Morrissette/Watson move into Open Session at 7:54 p.m. Unanimous.
MSC Morrissette/Bjerstedt move to adjourn at 7:55 a.m. Unanimous.
Respectfully submitted,
Kristi McKahan, Deputy City Clerk
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