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RIVER FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT: 4/15/13 Special Electors' Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 12:00am


School District of River Falls

April 15, 2013 River Falls, Wisconsin Six O'Clock P.M.

A Special Electors' Meeting of the School District of River Falls was called to order in the District Office Conference Room, 852 E Division Street, by Board President Stacy Johnson Myers on Monday, April 15, 2013, at 6:03 p.m. Johnson Myers introduced herself and the rest of the Board members who were all present. She also introduced school district administrators and building principals. It was ascertained that notice of the meeting had been properly published in the River Falls Journal, posted at the appointed locations, and announcements sent to WEVR Radio Station, Pioneer Press, and the Eau Claire Leader Telegram.

Election of a Chairman/Appointment of Parliamentarian

The Board placed in nomination Bob Gustafson to chair the Electors' Meeting. No other nominations were made. Gustafson was elected as chairman of the 2013 Special Electors' Meeting. Chairman Gustafson appointed Larry Baumann as parliamentarian for the meeting and Chad Smurawa as secretary.

Resolution Authorizing Board Execution of Easement

Gustafson introduced the Resolution to be considered and briefly explained the procedure and process. He asked that the Resolution be placed on the floor for the beginning of the discussion. Elaine Baumann moved, seconded by Manny Kenney, that the electors authorize the following Resolution:

Special Elector Meeting Resolution Authorizing Board Officer execution of documents to encumber school district property with public access easement for vehicular ingress and egress. The entire text of the resolution is attached to the permanent record of these minutes. Chairman Baumann read the entire resolution. Gwen Kuchevar, school district attorney, was introduced and provided a brief history of the circumstances leading up to the presentation of the Resolution. Under consideration is the conveyance to the City of River Falls an easement for the purpose of public access to the public alley adjacent to the District's property during those times on school days when the alley's direct access to Division Street is prohibited or obstructed as described in the Easement.

Attorney Gwen Kuchevar explained the desired outcomes and discussed the diagrams on Exhibits A which were attached to a copy of the Resolution. All electors present had a copy of the packet of information. The school district has to convey easement rights, but it can only do so at the direction of the electors.

Gustafson asked if there were any questions or comments. The Resolution was placed before the electors. The motion carried unanimously with a voice vote, and the Resolution passed as presented.


Chairman Gustafson declared the 2013 Electors' Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Barbara E Kolpin, Clerk

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