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Thursday, August 6, 2009 - 1:15am

July 14, 2009

Mayor Richards called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located in City Hall.

City Council Members Present: Tom Caflisch, Dave Cronk, Bob Ebert, Randy Kusilek, Joleen Larson, Jim Nordgren and David Reese

Staff Present: Bill Thiel, City Attorney; Scot Simpson, City Administrator; Carl Gaulke, Utility Manager; Roger Leque, Police Chief; Reid Wronski, City Engineer; Julie Bergstrom, Finance Director

Others Present:


June 23, 2009, Regular Meeting Minutes

MSC Nordgren/Larson to approve minutes as submitted. Unanimous.


City - $550,732.52

Utility - $645,096.19

MSC Caflisch/Larson approve the bills subject to comptroller. Unanimous.


Recognition of Gwen Paulson - The Mayor and Council recognized Gwen for her service on the River Falls Housing Authority. She served as Chair from January 2003 - December 2008. Paulson said it was an honor to serve on the committee and it was a great experience.

Recognition of Bob Schwalen - The Mayor and Council recognized Bob Schwalen for his service as Fire Chief from 2005-2009. The Mayor noted that Bob has far exceeded expectations as Fire Chief. Schwalen said he has served on the Fire Department for 24 years this month and hopefully, there will be more years to come.


Resolution No. 5286 Approving 2008-2010 Labor Agreement between the City of River Falls and the Police Department Employee's Association, Local 207, Labor Association of Wisconsin

Resolution No. 5287 Approving 2008-2010 Contract Between the City of River Falls and the Communications Workers of America (Public Works)

Resolution Approving Loan from the Commercial Revolving Loan Fund -- Pulled by Caflisch

Resolution No. 5288 Authorizing An Exception to Noise Ordinance, Section 8.28.030 of the Municipal Code, Voila! Media Group

MSC Nordgren/Larson moved for approval of the resolution. Unanimous.

Resolution No. 5289 Approving Loan from the Commercial Revolving Loan Fund

Caflisch asked Gaulke if the Utility was buying back the generated energy from the solar panels and paying a higher rate to do so. Gaulke said yes but there was a limitation on the buy back. Caflisch feels like solar panels are not efficient and do not work unless they are subsidized, and Caflisch does not see a benefit in it.

MS Caflisch/Larson move to approve resolution. The motion passed 6-1 with Caflisch voting against the resolution.


Ordinance 2009-7 - Amending the Official Traffic Control Map of the City of River Falls (Speed Limit on Riverwalk from Maple Street to Walnut Street)- First Reading

Caflisch asked for the ordinance to be included in the packet. Kusilek asked about speed bumps. Leque said the City put them there. He said that he has been getting positive feedback regarding the reduced speed limit.

Resolution No. 5290 - Regarding Budget for Renovation of Public Safety Building

MS Nordgren/Ebert moved for approval of the resolution. Caflisch indicated the total cost was $875,000. He complimented Simpson on his thorough report, and said he did an excellent job. The motion to approve the resolution was unanimous.


City Administrator's Report

Simpson offered to answer any questions. Caflisch asked what happened with the labor at the correctional facility in New Richmond. Simpson said he included an informational item in his report about it. He said a letter was sent to the City saying they would be unable to provide labor to the City in the future due to increased expenses and also a lack of supervisory staff.


Mayor's Appointments:

  • Library Board: Reappointment of Janet Johnson to the Library Board through July 2012
  • Parks and Recreation Board: Reappointment of Daniel Pittman through July 2012
  • Downtown Design Review Committee: Appointment of Todd Schultz through July 2012

    Reappointment of Mark Paschke through July 2011

  • River Falls Housing Authority: Appointment of Tony Pedriana through July 2014

    Simpson noted that none of the appointments/reappointments conflict the Council's policy regarding term limits. Staff will be bringing forward a discussion item at a future meeting regarding term limits.

    MSC Caflisch/Nordgren move to approve Mayor's Appointments. Unanimous.

    MSC Nordgren/Larson move to adjourn meeting at 6:50 p.m. Unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kristi McKahan, Deputy City Clerk