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Honor students set stage for 2nd Mr. RFHS pageant

Mr. RFHS contestants starting lower left and moving clockwise: Casey Slowiak, Colin Cosgrove, Cylus Young, Sam Barr, Chris Morgan, Kongyeng Xiong, Corbin Renslow and Monroe Maher. <i>Submitted photos</i>

Hairy legs and all, eight male contestants step into the spotlight next week to compete for the Mr. RFHS title and, while doing so, help honor students raise money and awareness.

Senior girls Danni Filkins, Amanda Grove and Taylor Kittleson said last year's contest -- the first-ever Mr. RFHS competition -- proved so successful, they knew their group must organize the '2nd annual' event. They call last year successful because everyone reported having fun, and the event raised about $2,100.

Kittleson said, "We want to give credit to the people who did it last year."

The girls say four honor students from last year's senior class hatched the male pageant idea and recruited the first contestants. The founders left this year's group detailed notes to make the job easier.

The honor students say they had no trouble getting enough people, both contestants and volunteers, to help stage the production. Last year's pageant winners helped plan this year's event and contributed some good ideas.

The winner of Mr. RFHS carries away bragging rights, along with a sash, fake tiara and unique memories.

"The same hosts as last year will be back," said Filkins, naming Lauren Ziebarth and Chelsea Braun, and commenting they're good emcees who improvise well.

The girls say this year's judges are Peggy Kraisin, Mike Miller, Mike Johnson, and Tom Westerhaus. A few of last year's contestants will return for a nostalgia number as well as a goodbye address.

Kittleson said the NHS subcommittee held a brainstorming session to name potential contestants: "We came up with a huge list."

The members stuck to last year's format and asked for two males from each of the four grades, plus a few extras in case some said no. They looked for contestants who would be unafraid to express their creativity on stage.

Kittleson said only the freshman boys seemed a little apprehensive, at least until they saw videos from last year and talked to some other contestants.

The boys competing in the 2013 Mr. RFHS include:

Sam Barr, Colin Cosgrove, Monroe Maher, Chris Morgan, Corbin Renslow, Casey Slowiak, Kongyeng Xiong and Cylus Young.

The girls say instead of making up interview questions, they'll take suggestions from people on what to ask the candidates.

Grove said, "We're trying to get the audience involved," adding that people can also vote for Mr. Popularity by putting money into their favorite contestant's donation box.

The committee added a Mr. Congeniality component, and contestants will pick the winner of that title. Other awards include first and second runners up.

The format includes the boys performing a full dance number and short talent act, answering interview questions onstage and appearing in both swim and formal wear. Organizers say people who came last year all agree -- it is a fun, different and entertaining evening.

The event should end by 9 p.m.

Sleepout adds to donated dollars

Referring to the honor students' annual efforts to raise funds, Kittleson said, "Most years NHS does Relay for Life."

This year, the group decided to serve Our Neighbors' Place emergency shelter, not only donating the Mr. RFHS proceeds to ONP but also any money made during the NHS 'Awareness Sleepout' 6 p.m. April 12 to 7 a.m. April 13 at Hoffman Park.

Starting at 5:30 p.m., they plan to serve a big pasta supper for the price of a free-will donation inside the fellowship hall of St. Bridget Catholic Church, 211 Division St.

Then the NHS group and their chaperones will retire to Hoffman Park to camp overnight, taking collections of money, food and coats at the campsite as well.

"It's 53 students," said Grove about the honors group and explaining it includes both juniors and seniors.

The group would like to raise at least $2,500 for ONP with the combination of the two events. They'll donate proceeds from the pageant, including what people put in the contestants' boxes and ticket sales and from the sleep-out event.

The honor students invite everyone to help them help others during both events.

See the Mr. RFHS pageant

  • 7 p.m. March 21
  • River Falls High School auditorium
  • Tickets at the door
  • $3 for adults
  • $2 for students