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Editorial: Come out and soar like an eagle

If you're looking for a way to spend quality time with your kids, look no farther than this Sunday afternoon at Highview Meadows Community Park just east of the River Falls Golf Club.

The event is being called Kids 'n Kites. Local organizers say it's a way for the community to come together and bond, especially children, following the horrific deaths of three sisters, Cecelia, Sophie and Amara Schaffhausen. But more than coming together, the event should be just plain fun and a lofty sight to behold.

A multi-colored, arch-shaped formation of more than 50 hand-sewn kites will fly skyward. Crowning the arch will be three specially made white kites, each representing one of the Schaffhausen sisters. A few other much-larger dragon kites will be displayed off to the side.

There will be poetry reading and lively music provided by Ellsworth native and "American Idol" pop star Reed Grimm.

Kids can bring their own kites, even a drum or bucket to pound on for noise making. People should bring snacks for a picnic. There will be face painting, sing-alongs, soccer and horseshoe games.

Highview Meadows Park is where the three sisters once played and near to where they lived. Because of its windy elevation, the park is also ideal for kite flying.

Says Catherine Olson, a mother whose daughter was friends with Amara Schaffhausen, the oldest of the three sisters: "What better place to honor their spirits and the spirit of all our children and kids at heart. Kites symbolize transcendence, raising up from ground level with hope and peaceful beauty...Out of tragedy can come light and strength. In any recovery effort, one must get low before rising up and be reminded what is innately important."

Kids 'n Kites is not a fundraiser. It's not about changing the past, but about feeling good about ourselves now, about having our children play and about a way of life we can continue to value.

Sunday's event runs from 1-4 p.m. The hilltop community park is as big and open as a football field, however there's only street parking for this gathering.

Those who feel strong enough are encouraged to park at Hoffman Park and walk or bike the rest of the way. Turn off County Road M at either Meadows Drive or Liberty Road. You won't miss the park -- or the high-flying kites.

Online Poll: Recovery is on hold

The Journal's online poll question this week asked: How long did it take you to recover from the blown non-interception call by sub refs in the Packers Monday night game?

The biggest response was: Not till I'm sure it won't cost the Packers a spot in the playoffs, 42.9%.

Another notable response was: Believe me I still haven't, 21.4%.

But a substantial minority also registered: No Recovery needed, always pleased when The Pack lose by whatever means, 28.6%.

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