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Loan the PCHA some artifacts

The summer display at the River Bluffs History Center in Bay City needs some help from the public, in order to fill in gaps in artifacts the Pierce County Historical Association (PCHA) currently owns.

The summer focus is on agriculture and the PCHA is asking the public to be of help. People who would be willing to loan any of the following items for the period from April to October are sought:

--Cream cans--embossed with the names of creameries such as Spring Valley, Elmwood, River Falls, Gertrude (Golden Star), Prescott, Beldenville and Lawton (it's unknown if there were any from some of these);

--Toys--children's farm related items of all kinds--keep these small in size;

--Wooden milk or cream cans--or those canvas and metal ice cream containers that were insulated;

--Milk bottles with advertising on them from Pierce County creameries (it's unknown if any glass bottles were used with the creamery name on them; cardboard (old) butter boxes with creamery names on them are needed;

--Milking equipment--pails, buckets, rubber inflations, milk stools, wooden butter churns;

--Photos--barn interiors--milking parlors, also of creameries (the PCHA has a few, but Plum City is missing, as are others);

--Plowing, planting, early photos--pre 1950's or so;

--Clothing--men's bib overalls and shirts and such.

Loans for the summer's use would be greatly appreciated.

Items need to be in clean, good condition. The loaned item would be photographed and credit given to the lender, and returned in the fall.

Please bring any loaned items to the PCHA office in Ellsworth at the lower level of the village hall on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays.